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Sternal International- providing industrial humidifying systems since 1989. Experience you can rely on.

Product range

Nawilżacze ultradyspersyjne

Ultradisperse humidifiers

STERNAL-FOG H are high pressure adiabatic humidifiers, made of quality components, allowing a long, near maintenance- free usage.


Low pressure humidifiers

STERNAL-FOG are low pressure humidification systems. Their key component are nozzles that are fed by water and pressurized air. Our product allows long time maintenance free usage even when moderate-quality, calc rich water is used, due to the smart nozzle outlet design.

Nawilżacze parowe

Steam humidifiers

DRI-STEEM humidifiers that we offer include models designed be driven directly by a steam kettle, “chemically pure” steam kettle, hot water, electricity or natural gas. Such a diversity of possible sources of energy allows us to find a solution that will be most economical in usage for you.

Instalacje antyelektrostatyczne

Electrostatic reduction systems

Electrostatic phenomena may be a cause of production stoppage, electronic equippment malfunction or a cause of fire or explosion Systems that we offer allow to eliminate these risks in a efficient and cost- effective way.

Systemy przeciwwybuchowe

Explosion prevention systems

Sternal Fog-Ex system eliminates all of the limitations of the low pressure dust reduction systems: it does not require the pressurized air, which not only propagates the dust, but also introduces much oxygen.

Chłodzenie adiabatyczne

Adiabatic cooling

STERNAL FOG-H adiabatic systems is a reliable piece of equippment, used in small, as well as big industrial facilities. The working principle assures safe operation.

Systemy przeciwpyłowe

Dust reduction systems

Combined with mechanical air filtration, properly designed humidification system is able to significantly reduce the amount of dust particles in the air.

Why us?

Low investment cost

We use a wide range of various technical solutions. This helps us to achieve the proper and constant humidity level at lowest possible exploatation cost.


Our systems proved to be the only effective solution of preventing harmful electrostatic discharges in many cases (ex. FLEXTRONICS, JABIL).


Sternal Fog-Ex eliminates all the disadvantages of low pressure dust reduction systems:  what is most important- it does not use pressurized air which propagates the dust, and what is even worse, introduces much oxygen into the area.


The system is very compact, what allows to save space and installation in a relatively long distance from the protected area.


We have over 20 years of experience in the field of solutions related to air humidification. We are proud to present our previous Customers in the “References” tab.


The humidifiers that we offer are produced using most current technologies and according to most strict quality norms.

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