Gas humidifiers

If you are looking for a modern, economic and effective humidification system, STS natural gas driven model is defineteley worth considering as an economic alternative to electric humidifiers. 

GTS® (gas to steam) humidifier allows the usage of one of the cheapest source of energy- natural gas. The newest DRI-STEEM GTS, offered by STERNAL International company is a perfect alternative to electric powered models that amortizes in comparasion to the electric ones within the period of around two years. It is also a safe and reliable way of humifification of rooms and whole buildings. GTS humidifier allows easy air humidity adjustment and many years of low maintenance usage. It is designed and tested according to CE and AGA/CGA norms. GTS humidifiers can be succesfully used as industrial humidifiers.

Nawilżacz gazowy
  • a significant reduction of costs of usage, compared to electric humidifiers
  • low NOx emmision, even under 20 ppm,
  • effective burners,
  • microprocessor- based control system,
  • the unit can use softened, osmotic as well as demineralised water,
  • automatic drainage at the end of the saison for bacteria growth prevention,
  • integration with RAPID-SORB®, ULTRA-SORB® lub AREATYPE® is possible when required
  • compatibility with all the building management systems,
  • the steam output up to 816 kg/h,
  • optional connection of multiple units in MASTER-SLAVE configuration.

Gas To Steam humidifiers, compared to other types, are very economic in use. The investment in this type of device returns after roughly 2 years!