Steam to steam humidifiers

When you need a modern and cost-effective product, the natural gas-powered GTS humidifier is an excellent alternative.

The GTS® humidifier (gas steam-powered) effectively utilises the cheapest energy source – natural gas. The latest DRI-STEEM – GTS steam humidifier is powered by natural gas. This is an alternative which amortises within the period of approx. 2 years, as compared to electrical humidifiers. It is a reliable and safe humidification method. The GTS humidifier ensures trouble-free adjustment of air humidity for many years. GTS is designed and tested according to CE and AGA/CGA criteria.


  • Significant energy cost saving, as compared to electrical humidifiers.
  • Low Nox emission, even below 20 ppm.
  • High-efficient burners.
  • Microprocessor control system.
  • Can be supplied with both softened and osmotic or deionised water.
  • Automatic drainage at the end of the season for protection against the growth of bacterial cultures.
  • Can be used with RAPID-SORB®, ULTRA-SORB® or AREATYPE®
  • Compatible with all building management systems BMS.
  • Steam efficiency to 816 kg/h.
  • Can be used with several units in the MASTER-SLAVE system.

This investment pays off quickly! The cost saving is so significant that, compared to electric humidification, the GTS gas humidification costs as much as two seasons of humidification with an electric humidifier.


When water steam or hot water is available. STS® humidifiers with heat exchangers.

STS humidifiers are an economical and safe alternative. They are characterised by the same reliability and versatility as Dri-Steem electric humidifiers. They are made of acid-proof steel without any elements and components subject to wear-and-tear. They ensure trouble-free operation and compatibility with all building management systems (BMS).

STS humidifiers can be supplied with water of any quality as well as completely deionised water. The use of softened water drastically reduces the necessity to remove scale. The use of deionised water entirely eliminates the necessity to service the humidifier. The heat-exchanger humidifiers produce highest-quality steam without impurities and water conditioning chemicals.

Parameters of STS® humidifiers :

  • Control in the range +/-2% RH.
  • DI/RO option (supply with deionised or osmotic water).
  • Microprocessor control with digital display and keyboard.
  • Automatic drainage at the end of the season for protection against the growth of bacterial cultures.
  • Can be used with RAPID-SORB®, ULTRA-SORB® or AREA-TYPE.
  • STS®

    STS® humidifiers. When chemically polluted steam cannot be used for humidification.

The STS humidifier utilises steam from a steam boiler, which by means of the heat exchanger heats up water contained in a chamber in the humidifier. Steam from a steam boiler is used only as a source to heat water in the exchanger, and chemicals used for heating water in the boiler cannot pollute steam used for humidification. STS is designed to be easily integrated with existing humidifiers with steam injection. They require minimum maintenance.

Efficiency range: 4.5 kg/h to 680 kg/h.