Low pressure humidifiers

The STERNAL-FOG system consists of a series of nozzles, to which water and compressed air are supplied, which after entering the nozzle create a low pressure, opening the vacuum relief valve which supplies an appropriate amount of water into a nozzle. Such a construction allows for very precise control of the humidification process and prevents water leakage from the nozzle. After an appropriate amount of water is brought in a nozzle, it is sprayed in the form of an aerosol.

The system is equipped with self-cleaning SF2-type nozzles, with a cleaning needle, whose operation cycle is controlled from the control room. The unique construction of nozzles protects the water against contact with air inside the nozzle. In this way it is possible to prevent the danger of scale or bacteria growth inside the system.

The nozzle is made of alloy steel, using CNC technology, which allows for using water of any quality.

Basic advantages:

  • protection against the growth of bacterial cultures
  • protection against water leakage
  • low energy consumption
  • maintenance-free
  • self-cleaning nozzles
  • high flexibility of the system allowing for operating it in various conditions and for developing further installation modules
  • lack of elements subject to wear-and-tear during operation
  • 12-month warranty

Technical data:

  • Maximum efficiency of each nozzle 7 litres of water/h Low-pressure humidifiers
  • Air consumption/1 nozzle 30-70 l/min
  • Supply voltage 220V
  • Supply air pressure 6 bar
  • Supply air Without oil
Technical data
Maximal single nozzle efficiency: 7 liters of water per hour
Air consumption per nozzle 30-70 l/min
Supply voltage 230V
Supply air pressure 6 bar
Supply air free of oil traces
Supply water regular system-pipe quality