Steam humidifiers

DRI-STEEM® Research Products Corporation, Mineapolis (USA)

develops and manufactures air humidification systems since 1965. The technologies that we offer enable us to find a solution to any problem that our customer encounters.

DRI-STEEM® Research Products Corporationcruv_humidifier
The constant development of new solutions became our tradition. This kind of attitude resulted in introduction a wide range of humidifiers, founding new quality standards in the industry:

  • the nozzles of special construction, located in notches, through which a steam is fed, allows a perfect water dispersion, short absorption way and silent operation of DRI-STEEM humidifiers;
  • heat exhanger based, clean steam production system- STS, allows to run a system with a contaminated kettle steam without the usage of any chemical additives;
  • we design the disperse systems (to work in the air ducts) that are the most effective in the industry. We evaluate the path of absorption in the duct, what allows us to prevent the very unfavorable phenomena of condensation. Ultra-Sorb disperse system is able to provide the path of absorption as short as 15cm;
  • we are the biggest supplier of gas driven GTS humidifiers in the world. It allows a significant reduction of end cost per unit;
  • we are carrying intensive research on the influence of water quality on the humidification process, we continuosly develop our control units, we are also searching for new technologies and materials so that the final products that we offer are the most reliable part of the ventilation-climate control system. The diversity of our product portfolio allows a perfect fit for any need and circumstances. We can arrange a simulation of your ventilation circuit at our laboratory.

DRI-STEEM® offers a wide range of steam humidifiers designed in such a way, to work directly with a steam kettle or “chemically pure” steam kettle (STS), hot water (LTS), electricity (VLC, CRU) or natural gas (GTS). Discover the advantages of steam humidifiers!

DRI-STEEM® humidification systems are designed in such a way, to require litte or no maintenance, what makes them perfect to be used as channel humidifiers. They are simple in use and can be combined with other HVAC devices and building management systems. VAPOR-LOGIC® is an intuitive and simble in use automatic control system, allowing the user to fit the humidification system to the ventillation system, as well the users’ needs.

Regulation increments:
+/- 5%RH
+/- 1%RH.

DRI-STEEM® can provide on demand the absorption path charts, what greatly simplifies the design process. Using DRI-CALC software, we can choose the best solution for you.